Product Review Policy

  1. Every product reviewed on (Katelynn Clark) is an actual product that must be in my possession that I can sample or use for the purpose of review. I do not write reviews of products I haven’t seen or used in person.
  2. To maintain editorial integrity all reviews are written in my own voice, using  my own words. Your business may request a review of the article before publication to check for accuracy of the facts stated in the review. I do not allow for any further owner or agent alterations to the article.
  3. Business hypertext links, anchor texts, or keywords stated are not guaranteed.
  4. I do not accept guest posts as reviews.
  5. Products that are sent to me will not be returned.
  6. In no case, will I ever guarantee a favorable review of the product or service, or to their owners/agents/representatives. If I decide the product is poor/a poor fit for my audience, I will, at my discretion, simply not review it.
  7. Should I decide to review your product, I will clearly disclose that the product/sample was provided to me in the text of the review. I am delighted to include a blurb about your product along with product links to your website. I also will include a button that connects users to your website on the blog page of which will be posted for a period of time at the discretion of literary chameleon (Katelynn Clark). 

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