Jan 11, 2013

a resolve for each day

Shedding light on past years’ resolutions, I found that most were about something I wanted to change about myself:

Exercise More

Become organized

Create new experiences

______________ (Fill in the blank)

The above statements all stem from a singular thread: things I felt I should do to be better.

Balance requires honoring both the positives and the negatives.

Life is passion.movement.acceptance.

Culture often dictates through from the media, friends, and family that we should try harder or do more in order to feed into that next cycle of change.

I have never been one of those people who have been able to complete resolutions through until the next year. I intended for this post to be published on the first to welcome a new year yet here I am eleven days later. I am a firm believer that each day is a clean slate with no mistakes in it.
Every day, I will try:

Live a simplistic and minimalistic life

Expel every thought of discontent

Foster happiness

Exercise thought in conversations

Life is comprised of circles. I reach out to the ultimate circle, the one from who all creative power and light flows. The ever widening circles of my life: accepting myself, my family, and my community. These three circles constitute my life and I am at the center: naked, honest, and imperfectly perfect. A work of art constantly evolving. This blog is my story. It’s about how I navigate my circles and what it means to me to carry onward in the larger, circle of life.


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