Apr 27, 2013

Early Word: Someday, Someday, Maybe

Someday, Someday, Maybe

Lauren Graham

PD: 4.30.13 by Random House-Ballantine Books 

My Summary:

Lauren Graham's debut novel,  Someday, Someday, Maybe, is a charming, funny, and relatable story about the struggles of an aspiring young actress trying to make it in "the big apple." 

For Franny Banks,  New York City is the premier place to perform. Her dream of working as an actress off Broadway or some avant-garde theatre has Franny packing her bags and moving to New York. Upon her arrival, she makes a deal with herself, if she isn't well on her way to becoming a successful actor in three years,  she would absolutely abandon her idea of becoming a star. 

Now Franny finds herself waking up from a dream and the realization that she only has six months left on her three-year deadline and nothing to show for her efforts except for her degrading waitressing job at the comedy cub and a one-line commercial for ugly Christmas sweaters. Her roommates--Dan, an aspiring sci-fi writer, and Jane,  her best friend from college, are supportive and offer her two strong shoulders to lean on; however, Franny's bank account is in a financial tailspin and she doesn't have a reliable back up plan. Although she could virtually see herself living happily in suburbia, working as a teacher, and married to her former college sweetheart, she knows deep down inside her passion to duplicate the success of her idols Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep has a firm grip on her soul and she is not ready to give up on her  dream of acting. 

Juggling acting classes at John Stavros between hair emergencies and life's little disappointments, Franny must remain focused. Her next comedic monologue must prove to be the performance of a lifetime. She can't let herself become distracted by James Franklin, established actor and flirtatious eye candy, even though he has started paying attention to her. Will Franny find love, develop a better understanding of herself, and perhaps conquer her fears, and get what she came for, a genuine acting job? 

My Thoughts:

I was really excited when I received this ARC because I was really curious to see if the author's personality shows through her writing ability as it does on television. I can say that I liked the book! The story often reminded me of scenes from Gilmore Girls. Throughout the novel, the main character, Franny, really shows her humanity through her struggles and her ability to push onward despite obstables such as money and competitive roles.As a reader, I found my self rooting for each character that they each find their happiness. Even though the ending was very sudden, I am looking forward to a sequel.

Rating 3

 I received this pre-pub from netgalley, courtesy of the publisher.


  1. I was hoping it would be a bit Gilmore Girlish, so delighted that it is. Sounds like a light, fun read. I'll be checking it out :-)

  2. I've just finished reading this and I absolutely loved it! I too found myself rooting for the characters and was somewhat disappointed by the sudden ending. Here's hoping there's more to Franny's story where that came from. Thanks for the review.



  3. LOVED the story. Very Gilmore-esque. Quenched that quick witted, fast paced humor void left after GG closed. Definitely looking forward to the next installment.


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