Jun 9, 2013

MLSRCW4: Fins Are Forever

Fins Are Forever
Tera Lynn Childs
Katherine Tegan Books
 Eighteen is a very important year in Lily Sanderson's life as a Thalassinian mermaid princess. The world is supposed to be her oyster. Her life is sent into a tailspin, or so she feels, when she is charged with the care of her human-hating cousin who is determined to create waves in Lily's relationships. The return of a childhood friend further ensnares Lily into a net of unforseen problems forcing her to choose between her duty and her dreams.
I dived into this novel headfirst as I loved the first so much! The writing is hilarious the plot is believable and the characters grow with the story. My favorite character in this book is her cousin due to her jaw-dropping, spunky style. It's a perfect, light beach-ready book!
Rating: 4.5
I received this book from my friendly, local library.
Swimming with L.K. Hill for the summer.


  1. LOVE the cover! I'm going to have to look these up!

    Also, it's not mermaids, but I recommend the "Siren" series by Tricia Rayburn (and not just because it takes place in Maine :D).

  2. I looked up the series by Tricia Rayburn It's next on my TBR list. I really love the siren series by Amanda Hocking! You should check them out!!

  3. Glad you're still loving the series! I'm hoping to read the first one soon. It's at my library too. :D


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