Jun 15, 2013

MLSRCW5: Just For Fins

Just For Fins
Tera Lynn Childs
Katherine Tegan Books
Lily Sanderson doesn't have time to slowly wade into her role as the newly crowned ruler of Thalassinia. When she is faced with the problem of near-by  mermaid kingdoms dying as a result of oil spills and changing ocean climates, she finds herself in uncharted waters. Lily enlists the help of her cousin,Dosinia, her boyfriend Quince, and her friend, Tellin to persuade the surrounding mermaid communities that all human's aren't bad despite the choices of a few and their regards toward the ocean's habitat. The princess must find a solution which solves her problems and keeps both the mermaid kingdoms and humans she loves safe. 
I really loved the third and last installment of this novel. I grew with the characters in each book and thought the author did a lovely job of creating a happy ending for every character. I highly recommend this book and can't wait for more from the author!
I hear there is an e-novella coming soon!
Rating: 4.5
I received this book from my friendly, local library.
Diving with L.K. Hill for the summer.

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  1. My friend just lent me this series so I am now even more excited to read this series after reading this review.

    Reese's @Reese's Reviews: MA2F


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