Jun 29, 2013

MLSRCW7: Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising
Tracy Deebs
Walker & Company
 Jacket Summary:
The land is her comfort,
yet it can't satisfy her.
The ocean is dark and dangerous,
yet it beckons her home.
Her heart is torn in two,
yet it pulses stronger than ever.
Better take cover,
A tempest is brewing...
I got so swept up in this watery world. I already put the next installment on hold and I can't wait to dive right in! I fell in love with Tempest's independence and my heart ached to see her struggle between the life she loved on land and her love of the sea. I really felt deeply for Kona as he stays by Tempests' side and helps her understand what she's going through. This book is an entertaining read and I wouldn't mind visiting Ms.Debb's other work in the future if it is a great story as this one. 

Rating: 4
I received this book from my friendly, local library.

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