Jul 14, 2013


David Iserson
Firecracker is an explosive story about a girl who ignites her way through the parochial school system starting fires she can't seem to put out. when she gets expelled after getting caught cheating. Still a dynamite at heart, she enters a nearby public school and feels unsure of herself until she meets outcasts Noah and Lucy. Astrid must decide what kind of person she will be at this new school. Will her continued schemes and intent of revenge snuff her flame out for good or will it spark into a new adventure?
 I really loved this book. The witty one-liners and comical premise of the book had me laughing out loud! Astrid's voice was fun and believable. I loved her relationship with her grandfather despite his creative moral beliefs although I wish the rest of her family wasn't so shady. Astrid is definitely a colorful character and her friends are along for the ride. I found myself laughing at every turn. I am buying this for my library!! I hope there is more from David Iserson :)
Rating: 4.5/5
I received this book from my local, friendly public library.
Also, there's a book trailer:
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