Aug 23, 2013

New Friend Friday


Book blogging is more than just reading. Who helped you set up or run your blog? Or did you do it all yourself?
I would like to say that I woke up one day, yelled, "Eureka", and furiously typed away until my blog became what it is today. Alas, that simply isn't true. Over the last seven months, I have poured a lot of sweat and tears into this blog making it an absolute extension of my love for books and my work within libraries.
Some of it has been my own creation such as my Literary Love" and "Soul Craft" series. I created this series to showcase artist's work and the process behind it because I wanted to share my love of all things literary and didn't want to lose that direct connection I foster with people when I have the opportunity to learn from their experiences. I love it so much. I wanted to share that experience with others.
My Reader Recommendation Service derived from my ability to suggest books for patrons. Throughout the last five  years working in libraries, this has been my favorite aspect. I love helping people broaden their horizons. After all, a great library has something in it to offend everyone!Selecting books for others proves to be a challenge and I love piecing those puzzles together everyday. My service travels through word of mouth and I have been blessed to pick books for well-known authors. It is always such an honor to pick books for someone whose books have personally impacted my life and others I have known.
I have changed my layout a few times, picked up manuals from around my local libraries about blogging in order to find tips and tricks to enhance my blog. I've even asked other people within the blogging community to critique my blog in order to get feedback on what I can improve.
Although I created the blog on my own, I've had help along the way. Two heads are better than one, right?
A word of advice: If you're new to the blogging community or even a veteran, there is always a way to improve.


  1. What a great answer. Thanks for sharing.

    I haven't changed my layout just yet and probably won't. I really like what I have.

    I hate to change it because I think I am recognized by my header. :) :)

    ENJOY your day!!

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  2. A great answer. I love hearing others readers talk about their passion for books. You've done a fantastic job with your blog, changing some things up ever once in a while keeps it fresh.

    Here's my answer this week.

  3. Your blog is great! And I love what you posted. Maybe I should change my blog look too, haven't changed it at all since I've started. I'll need to find some inspirations then. :)

  4. That's wonderful that you are able to extend the service you offer at work throughout the reading community by way of your blog! The blogging community is great for helping each other, isn't it?

  5. great your GFC follower here
    hope you can visit my Book Blogger Hop

  6. Very interesting answer! I like that you give a detailed explanation about the things you did to create your blog, your own innovations, and contributions from others!

    I especially like how your passion for books is reflected in your answer. It's so wonderful that you have a Reader Recommendation Service!! It's also very thoughtful of you to help others select books they might want to read.

    Thanks for such an interesting, well-thought out answer!! : )

  7. I <3 Librarians!! Librarians are the people who first introduced me to the bestest thing in the world - reading. In primary school, we had an actual Learning to Use the Library series of classes. It was one of my favorite memories. :) During middle & high school, I took every opportunity to work in the library, even giving up Easy A classes to be a library aide. Then during college, I worked in the library as part of my Pell Grant. I very nearly went into the Library Sciences. Needless to I can't say enough good things about them.

  8. I love the idea of reading recommendations -- my friends recommend stuff to me all the time, but many of them are under the impression that my being a bookworm means I'll love EVERY book. It's always nice to talk to someone who can quickly take in your reading preferences and recommend something that you really do end up enjoying...or that challenges you just enough. :)

    Your blog looks like it's off to a good start -- keep on keepin' on.

    Here's my BBH for the week. Take care!


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