Jul 16, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Gabi: A Girl In Pieces


Gabi: A Girl in Pieces 

Isabel Quintero 

PD: 09.09.14 by Cinco Puntos Press 


July 24

My mother named me Gabriella, after my grandmother who, coincidentally, didn't want to meet me when I was born because my mother was unmarried, and therefore living in sin. My mom has told me the story many, many, MANY, times of how, when she confessed to my grandmother that she was pregnant with me, her mother beat her. BEAT HER! She was twenty-five. That story is the basis of my sexual education and has reiterated why it's important to wait until you're married to give it up. So now, every time I go out with a guy, my mom says, "Ojos abiertos, piernas cerradas." Eyes open, legs closed. That's as far as the birds and the bees talk has gone. And I don't mind it. I don't necessarily agree with that whole wait until you're married crap, though. I mean, this is America and the 21st century; not Mexico one hundred years ago. But, of course, I can't tell my mom that because she will think I'm bad. Or worse: trying to be White.

Gabi Hernandez chronicles her last year in high school in her diary: Cindy's pregnancy, Sebastian's coming out, the cute boys, her father's meth habit, and the food she craves. And best of all, the poetry that helps forge her identity.


Check out that cover! Not only is it vibrant but it's picture represents my favorite pasttime when I was a kid: gluing body parts together to make a picture, calling it "art" and proudly hanging it on my refrigerator door with my favorite magnet. 

Then I was really hooked by the summary: 

A. It's in diary format so I feel like I can connect to the character better because I am REALLY seeing it through her eyes. 
B. Families, like body parts, are disjointed and all over the place. 
 Yes, they're DYSFUNCTIONAL but REAL and that's the best thing a family can be. 


  1. I haven't heard of this book before. It's brand new to me. Thanks for visiting me earlier. Returning the favor.

    Books of Love

  2. Sounds like a cool book. Great pick! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  3. Interesting cover.....and story. I like that it is written in diary form....enjoy!

  4. That is an...interesting cover. I'm not quite sure what to think. But...I kind of like it.
    New follower!

  5. Thanks for reading!

    Isabel Quintero


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