Mar 24, 2015

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain 

Megan Boudreaux 

Thomas Nelson Publishing


"It took months of God waking me up in the middle of the night before I realized I was the one He was calling to leave my comfortable American life and move to Haiti."
Miracle on Voodoo Mountain is the inspirational memoir of an accomplished and driven 24-year old who quit her job, sold everything, and moved to Haiti, by herself-all without a clear plan of action. Megan Boudreaux had visited Haiti on a few humanitarian trips but each trip multiplied the sense that someone needed to address the devastation-especially with the children, many of whom were kept as household slaves on the poverty-stricken and earthquake-devastated Caribbean island.
God guided her every step as she moved blindly to a foreign land without knowing the language, the people, or the future. From becoming the adoptive mother of former child slaves, to receiving the divine gift of the Haitian Creole language, to starting, building, and running a school for more than 500 children, "the amazingness of what God did after I made the choice to be obedient is incredible," said Megan.
Three years later, six acres on Bellevue Mountain in Gressier is the home of the nonprofit Respire Haiti at the former site of voodoo worship, and in the area that many still come to make animal sacrifices, Megan and her staff of nearly 200 are transforming this community as they educate, feed, and address the needs.
Megan Boudreaux, at the age of 24, founded Respire Haiti, a non-profit to fight for the freedom of Haiti's estimated 300,000 child slaves. Megan followed God's call to begin a feeding program and transform a barren hillside into a refuge and a school for 500 children. A medical clinic is nearing completion with future plans for a church, community center, and library. Megan has adopted four Haitian children and in 2013 she married her best friend, Josh Anderson.


March is definitely going out with a bang. Sun one day, snow the next. I love the energy that comes with the spring-the opportunity for new adventures and the feeling to take on the world. The turning of a new page...Endless possibilities. 

That's what a book is-a physical representation of endlessness. Hope for the future. A light in the dark. 

Megan Bodreaux's book about her life changing experience in Haiti was definitely a page turner. It offended me and tore at my soul in the best possible way. It provided me with a new perspective about the world beyond my backyard. It sparked ideas. Made me more aware. 

So now, I'm making you accountable. By reading this review, please take the time to go to your local bookstore, library, or computer and and invest in Megan's journey. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Booklook Bloggers. 

Rating: 5/5

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