Feb 20, 2013

Early Word: The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door



The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

 Karen Finneyfrock
PD: 02.21.13 by Viking Juvenile
Celia Door's adrenaline begins to pump into her bloodstream. Her heartrate jumps. Her blood pressure surges. Her fight or flight response makes her drop the f-- bomb on her arch-nemesis, Sandy Firestone when she learns Sandy has set out to ruin her life. Eighth grade would be forgotten or would it be? Now Celia enters her freshman year guarded by her dark eyeliner and black combat boots. For Celia, the process is simple and clear. Revenge is natural, but so is poison, and poison, by definition is deadly. Then Celia meets Drake,the cool new kid from New York with the savvy style who trusts Celia with his secret and solicits her to help him make his dream come true. Will Celia's anger and thirst for justice act like a poison in her own heart and ultimately destroy her relationship with Drake?
My thoughts: I  felt drawn to Celia's voice as she came across as both tough and vulnerable. The author's descriptions of bullying and family problems were very relatable in today's society for young adults. Sandy was written as a typical mean girl and  as the author revealed additional things about Celia’s past, my heart ached more for her. This is such a great read and I think alot of young adults would relate to something in this book. I am definitely buying this for my library's collection.
Rating: 5
I received the pre-pub from Netgalley, courtesy of the publisher.

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