Apr 6, 2013

National Library Week

Celebration of our libraries across the nation takes place April 14-18th this year.  I know I am a week early. So many people seem to think that the introduction of technology not only enhances libraries but will one day replace them and this is the main reason why society needs libraries:



A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.
-Lemony Snicket
I don't believe in colleges and universities. I believe in libraries because most students don't have any money. When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money. I couldn't go to college, so I went to the library three days a week for 10 years. -Ray Bradbury
A library is a place where you learn what teachers were afraid to teach you.
-Alan M. Dershowitz
We'll always need printed books that don't mutate the way digital books do; we'll always need places to display books, auditoriums for book talks, circles for story time; we'll always need brick-and-mortar libraries.-Marilyn Johnson

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  1. All great quotes about our need for libraries and books made out of paper! I often worry about this, with the popularity of e-readers growing daily. I still refuse to purchase a Kindle or a Nook....and I'm pleased I married a man who also refuses and who I still often catch with his nose literally in a book, deeply breathing in the paper and ink.


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