Apr 14, 2013

Early Word: The After Girls

The After Girls
Leah Konen

PD: 4.18.13 by F+W/Adams Media

My Summary:

Tick tock goes the clock and Ella, Astrid, and Sydney watch their childhood memories fade away like dandelions seeds blowing in the wind.
Standing in the lonely cabin reminiscing over pictures that had been taken, the three girls cling to the security of knowing they will always be together.
Tick tock goes the clock and high school graduation is now approaching leaving the girls to plan the perfect summer.
Unfortunately for one, the clock stops.
Frozen in time, Astrid’s body lies on the floor “her gorgeous red hair splayed out around her, her blue dress—the same one she’d worn to graduation—crumpled and wrinkled. The key—the one that was always tied around her neck, … lay flat on her chest.”
Ella and Sydney feel abandoned and alone.
Their worlds have been turned upside down leaving the girls to make sense of this horrific tragedy and to seek answers to their many questions.
How could they have spent so many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years with their best friend and not know her true thoughts?
How could they have missed the signs?
Could they have saved Astrid from this horrible fate?
Watch how the grief-stricken girls conquer their own demons while uncovering the facts behind the death of their friend.

My Thoughts:

After discvering this book, I have come to find that this is one of those rare finds that you would find at a garage sale marked down for $.10 which turns out to be more valuable than its description portrays. I really enjoyed the book. I am definitely suggesting my library buy it. This book provides a realistic look at loss and how its grasp reaches far beyond a person's death.  The storyline is great, the mystery is thrilling and spooky, and the characters are interesting to watch as they fight past their own demons in an effort to grieve differently.

Rating: 4

I received this pre-pub from netgalley, courtesy of the publisher.


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  2. I was interested in this book but NetGalley knocked me back! Will keep an eye out for it when it hits the shops, sounds good.

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines


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