May 10, 2013

New Friend Friday

Q:  Who is your favorite mom from fiction?

A: Mrs. Weasley


  1. A popular choice today.

  2. Hehe, everyone chooses Mrs Weasley today - I did, too :) She is an amazing mom-example, though. I love her! Btw, thanks for the follow, I'll follow you via RSS!

  3. new follower here via FF . Love your site and look forward to your posts.

    Hope i can see you back at either of my blogs. Keep on Bloggin'

  4. Mrs. Bennet from "Pride And Prejudice"

    Although Mr. Collins is my favorite P&P character, I think that Mrs. Bennet doesn't get enough credit. She was very... um, colorful.

    Stop hating on Mrs. Bennet!

    Who is Mrs Weasley?

    1. Mrs. Weasley is the kick-ass mom from the Harry Potter series!

  5. That's a very simple answer. Love it!

    Julianna Smith

  6. Nice choice!

    Thanks for stopping by my FF! Followed you back via GFC :)

    ~Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl


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