May 1, 2013

WBN: 2013


This past Sunday, I drove up to Racine, Wisconsin in order to pass out twenty copies of The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo to the residents of  an independent living facility. I had heard about WBN through my director who had previously done it the year before. It was such a hard choice choosing which books to give to people. The book I chose is so dear to my heart as it brings up memories and events I experienced while reading it. I had such a great time going from door to door passing out books. Almost every door I knocked on and person I talked to received the book warmly and found the information that multiple publishers had donated books reassuring and that all over the world millions of people were receiving books just like they were. I had the opportunity to explain what the book was about and ecstatic that NONE of the people had read it! Even though some people asked for donations, they were astonished to know that it was free completely theirs to keep which many people thought was amazing! I'm so glad to know that I was apart of this program!

I also have received feedback from recipients who are saying they are enjoying the book :)

You should check out  the book at your local library


  1. UGH! "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo has been on my radar for a while. I completely forgot about it until now. Thanks for the reminder.

    Shoulda Read By Now

    Glad to hear that WBN:2013 went well for you! I am thinking about participating next year. I am reading two books from the WBN reading list for The Seasonal Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I should have chosen Coehlo as one of them. SMH.

  2. YES you should participate!! Thanks for mentioning me on your site, I feel so honored :)


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