May 2, 2013

Bookish Charm's Soul Craft--My Literary Loves

It was so nice to establish a relationship and get the back story behind Erin and Ducky Johnson's Etsy shop, Bookish Charm.

Enjoy a behind-the scenes look into her "soulcraft":

What made you start your business?

"In many ways, it stemmed from a very personal place, as when I was growing up I would always write down snippets of my favorite books or quotes from my favorite authors on small pieces of paper and stuff them into a locket that I carried around with me. Just knowing I carried those words with me gave me courage, and I wanted to give others the same opportunity to carry around the words that inspire them in a way that is both meaningful and beautiful."

What drives you to choose specific quotes?

"Most of the quotes we choose reflect ideas and concepts that we find to be powerful, interesting, or inspirational. The best way to describe it is to borrow a bit from Emily Dickinson, as she once said that "if I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry." We feel the same way about quotes.

We also listen to what our customers would like to see, and start offering certain quotes if we get enough requests to do so."  

Do you have any type of specific skill that led you to start your shop?

"Not unless you count curiosity! ;) To be honest, when we started our shop I had almost no background in what we do. I just really wanted to make jewelry with quotes, and worked hard to self-teach myself what I needed to know in order to create the kind of jewelry we offer."

Extra Info

"But more than anything, beyond the jewelry and beyond the quotes, the core of our business is wanting to make someone's day. We put a lot of love into each package we send, and hope that a little bit of that comes through when the package reaches our customers."

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