Jun 2, 2013

Armchair BEA: Children's Literature

I am constantly in contact with book trends working in a public library.
I always get a little thrill seeing books that I loved as a child being revamped and introduced to a new generation.

My all time favorite book as a child was the Snow Child by Freya Littledale. I first got the book on casette and would carry it around in my tape player all the time. The tape was played so much that the film got warped and wouldn't play anymore. I then had my mom read it to me. When I got older, I read the book on my own. When I became a teacher, I read that book to every classroom I entered throughout my practicum.
As an adult, I stumbled upon this book in 2011 when one of my colleagues ordered it. I was so elated when I found out that the book I loved as a child had been rewritten. It was as though I was revisiting an old friend.

  Have you you ever had books you loved as a child resurface as an adult?

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  1. I read this and really liked it, but I never realized that it was a re-write! I know that as a middle reader, I went through the LOTR books. When I re-read them as an adult, it seemed that I had an even greater appreciation for them!


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