Jun 28, 2013

New Friend Friday

Would you read a book just because of the hype?

I don't honestly read books because of their hype.

My aunt suggested that I read the Harry Potter series because it was such a cool world. I found out about Twilight through a second grader who was reading them. I read Fifty Shades after everyone of my patrons kept asking me for the book series. I will read books based upon suggestion but not because everyone else is reading them. I often find that I end up discovering obscure books that maybe not everyone else has read that way.


Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback, etc?
Answer: I go through phases where I really crave the feeling of a physical book or reading books on my Kindle. I think I  will always cherish the feel of the pages of a physical format.I really prefer to be sent ARC's in physical format so that way I can go back and find passages more easily. I like the convenience of my Kindle and that I can take 100 books with me on one device.


  1. I will check out the book, but won't read it just because it is hyped up.

    My reading preference is PRINT...hardback or paper is fine. I will read on my iPad, but I like a book in my hand.

    Check out my full answer about a book's hype if you like at the link below.

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  2. The convenience of carrying lots of books in one device does make my Kindle a godsend - especially on holiday! But, like you, I do really enjoy the physical presence of a book - and being able to page through it with ease.

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  3. Good answer! I like that you don't have to decide what book to take with you when you have an e-reader, you simply bring your whole library (or all your e-books anyway). But I like that you can easily go back and forth in a physical book too.

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  4. You make a good point with the e-reader; it is difficult (at least I've found that it is) to go back and forth to search for and reference passages. Especially because the Kindle progresses on a percentage basis as opposed to page numbers. Thanks for stopping by! here to return the favor!

  5. they both have their pros and cons, i prefer hard copies myself!

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  6. In a way I miss the physical ARCs because of what you're saying, as well as just actually having the book! But I guess I get so many more e-galleys than I did ARCs, so I'm getting happier with the ebooks. New GFC follower.
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  7. I don't know why it irks me when I see second graders (or any kid around that age) reading the Twilight series. I don't think it's appropriate for them.

    I get many suggestions as to what books I should read next, but I rarely listen to these. I tend to just read what I feel like or what I want.

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  8. Hmm I've never thought about it that way before. I really like your tshirts btw, I've tried to make my own shirts before and have failed miserably, so I admire your handiwork and thanks for stopping by my blog :DD.

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  9. Great answer! Nice to see so many different views on this today!

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  10. Enjoyed your answer, oh my goodness a second grader and Twilight!

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  12. I liked your answers,New GFC Follower
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  13. I was really into my Kindle for the longest time but lately I've craved the feeling of holding a book in my hands. I really prefer ARC's in physical copies just so I can,like you said,easily go back and look something up.

  14. I prefer Arcs in physical form too. Sadly, that is pretty rare these days.
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