Sep 15, 2013

Top Five Sunday

Weekly Meme hosted by Larrisa's Life

The theme for today is: popular series I want to try :)

I have had five of my regular male young-adult patrons tell me:
"Hey, library lady, you should read this!" Maybe I should.

I read her series called the "Unwanteds". Hoping this series will be promising.

I've read about fairies, vampires, and aliens so why not werewolves?

I have always wanted to re-read this series since I never finished the first one.

This has sat on my TBR list. I think I'll work on crossing it off next week.


  1. Awesome list! The only one I've read is Incarceron, and at that time I loved it, although I wonder if I'll love it as much if I read it now, a few years later. I still haven't gotten around to Sapphique. I also really want to read the Chaos Walking, the Wake trilogy & the Grisha one. The only one I'm not really interested in is the Nightshade, which is a little bit weird, since I usually love werewolves books :) Thanks for stopping by on mu Top 51


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