Nov 15, 2013

New Friend Friday

Q: Are there any book to movie adaptations where you think the movie is better than the book?

I took a British Literature class once semester where I ended up arguing with the Teacher Assistant about the Scarlett Letter because he insisted that Pearl dies at the end of the novel. She only dies in the movie. That is clearly a case   where the book was better than the movie!

Now onto my true answer-

 Here's the reasons why some movies are better than the books:

  • Visualization: Movies are visually appealing. Words on a page are more daunting and you are forced to take the words and form your own opinion. A movie is the director's perspective. Stories are more accessible to a larger number of people in movie format than in books
  • Leif Motifs: Cue the music when the good/bad guy comes on screen. Music provides an emotional charge that just isn't there when you turn the pages of a book.
  • Time: I read a lot and I read quite quickly. If I were to spend three days just reading, I could probably knock out four or five books. On the other hand, if I spent time watching movies, I could probably watch ten or twelve. Movies leave out the minute details you need to see the picture when  you read it in a book. Movies give you a picture and move on to the next scene.
  • Social Aspects: I love going to watch movies with friends and discussing my favorite parts afterwards. You can talk while you watch the movie if you don't mind the snide comments and evil glares. When I sit down to read, I shut out the world and read. I've had people snap their fingers in my face, take the book out of my hands, and yell my name. It is not a social event.
 My favorite books turned movies:

I grew up with this series and it was so neat to see the actors grow up with me. No matter how I imagined Harry Potter ending up in Mr. Olivander's shop. It was so perfect to see the way it played out in the movie. 

This book was my first Newbery Award winner. The movie brought the book to life and  kept the sense of adventure that I fell in love with while reading the book.  Oh, did I mention Lauren Bacall is in it?

Jim Carrey really brought the cartoon character to life. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Boris Karloff's voice in the animated version. The back story in the movie with Jim Carrey really showed the origins of the Grinch and definitely made my heart grow three sizes.



  1. Wow how did I forget The Grinch, I love that film!!! I have to admit that I love HP books way more than the movies - but I do absolutely love the films! I went to the premieres, the studio tour, the walking tour - total fan girl! Great picks. New GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter follower. My F&FF.

  2. Aw man, I love The Grinch!

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  3. I love Harry Potter and The Grinch! I've never read the book though :-| new GFC and Bloglovin follower! My FF

  4. I never would have thought of The Grinch! Good one. Have a great week. New Twitter follower. My FF

  5. I didn't read The Grinch so I'll have to trust you on this one. ;)
    Some people actually do hear music while reading books, or so I've heard. But for me, that's also a reason to watch the movie and most of the times, I end up liking them alright, even if they aren't better than the book.

    Thanks for visiting. Following back via GFC and Bloglovin.

    Johanna @ Challenging Reads

  6. I did like the HP movies but loved the books more..:)
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    Happy #FF!


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