May 29, 2014

Armchair BEA: Beyond the Borders

Beyond Borders 

Congratulations,internet readers, you did it! 

What was projected to be a three month kickstarter program ending on July 2, 2014, ended in over 11, that's right, ELEVEN hours and raised:

Mr. Burton now has enough money to relaunch READING RAINBOW to a new generation of children by building a web version for families at home, creating a classroom version for teachers and providing free access to it for schools in need.

In case you haven't seen the opening of it: 

This show taught me about different books and made them fun without realizing I was absorbing new information, which in my opinion is the best way to learn :) 

Throughout the series, I learned about Strega Nona by Taomie DePaulo and her Italian witch pasta making ways or Is This A House for Hermit Crab? by Megan McDonald here hermit finds a million homes until he finds the right one. 

The list of books which impacted me on that show could go on and on...

They showed me the diversity of things available in the world that I couldn't experience on my own except for through books. 

Society has evolved. Different themes have become prominent. 

 An African-American President, gay marriage, blended families. 

I am eager to see how diversity in books plays out in a new generation!


  1. What a great connection! I laughed at a tweet I saw yesterday that went something like "Hi there, I'm La..." and all of the children of the 90s opened their wallets." :)

  2. I didn't even know that they had started a campaign for Reading Rainbow. I'm so glad that it got its funding.


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