Nov 3, 2014

Side Notes // Volume I

Whenever I'm reading, I write notes in the margins and underline or highlight anything that really stands out. Side notes are my life line- a direct connection to what I'm seeing.

Websites are filled with amazing literary finds and I've been
keeping a pocket-sized notebook for things that catch my eye...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yesterday was Halloween and it was snowing. Snowing! Although I'm positive all the "Ana's" and "Elsa's" were very proud, the November winds are blowing the last remnants of color through my neighborhood. Before I know it, I'll be facing grey skies and barren trees. 

Ready for those blistery days, these scarves will keep you cozy.

Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Infinity KNIT scarf - made to order

This and this pair of earrings will complement your face and show off your love of books.

Cameo Earrings - Edgar Allan Poe and Raven

These nail polishes are perfect gifts for your well-read friends.

Laters, Baby Holographic Full Size Nail Lacquer : The Good Parts Collection

An owl belt will sure to be a "hoot" and totally make an outfit. 

Owl belt buckle on blue, The night bound leather belt buckle

Count your marshmallows in this geeky mug.

Merlin "In a land of myth and a time of magic" Hand painted quote mug - Sm/Med White and Grey teacup mug - Geeky

What have you found that has stood out to you either for yourself or as gifts for your friends?

Drop a note below!


  1. I love wearing scarves in fall and winter as well! It's amazing that some people got snow over Halloween. Ours was actually warmer than usual. Very mild. Great post! :D

  2. We had snow rain and high winds on Halloween, was not much fun. The nail polish jumped out at me the most.


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