Nov 5, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday


Rebels by Accident 

Patricia Dunn 

Sourcebooks Fire 


A Troubled Teen Sent to Cairo Finds Revolution is Everywhere, Including in Ourselves

When my first party ends in jail, I think things can’t possibly get worse. But then my parents send me to my grandmother in Cairo, and I’m sure my life is over. My sittu is Darth Vader’s evil sister, and I’m sure the only sites I’ll get to see in Egypt are the rooms in her apartment.

Turns out she’s not so bad. We ride camels by the pyramids and ice skate at a mall.

As Sittu says, “Sometimes a moment can change your life.” But it can change the life of a country too. When a girl named Asmaa calls the people of Egypt to protest, I find myself in the middle of a revolution, running from tear gas and guns.

Oh yeah, and I meet the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. Fall in love for the first time. And have my first kiss.


I totally judged a book by the cover and thought this book was going to make me laugh. I thought the title Rebels by Accident infered it was about kids who were "rebels without a clue" as though I would be reading about teenage "Mr. Magoos". 

The paper clip automatically made me think of that old show with the British blonde who always stated, "You are the weakest link" so this book didn't really rate high on my radar for books I'm dying to read. 

Until...I read the summary. It totally changed my perspective. Books have a way of doing that though. We connect with them and it makes us better versions of ourselves in the end. 

I hope this book changes my perspective and I grow with the character. 

Revolutions start when someone crosses the line, right? 


  1. Wow, this sounds totally unique and great! Thanks for sharing!!

    My WoW

  2. Hm, this DOES sound pretty interesting! I admit, like you, I was skeptical, but I am going to have to check it out. Looks like it got good reviews on Goodreads (and, there seems to be a giveaway of it as well!) Great pick!

  3. Loved this part --> "We connect with them and it makes us better versions of ourselves in the end." :)


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