May 5, 2015

Literary Love: Naturally Heartfelt

I love literary jewelry! Huge surprise, right? I love looking for it, finding out the story behind who designs it, and I wear a lot of it-rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings-anything that makes a statement to the world of how much I love books. I'm always finding new pieces to add to my ever-growing staples of jewelry I wear everyday-each with its own significance.

I've recently added to my collection a bracelet created by the wonderful Stephanie Wheeler of Naturally Heartfelt Designs. It is a gorgeous silver plated bangle with a super easy-to-hook fasten. Every time I see the word, "story staring back at me through the oval glass," I am constantly reminded to live my life as though it is a story I wouldn't want to put down. 

It arrived in a dainty little black box with the deepest hue of green tissue paper in an envelope c/o Royal Mail. My first overseas mail package! 

Stephanie has a plethora of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even cuff links for the bookish person in your life :) 

Stephanie has graciously offered a 10% code for all readers 


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