Jul 8, 2015

Literary Love: Once Again Sam

People say everything we own tells a story-what we collect, use, and share. Everything comes together to weave the tapestry about who we are. I am featuring Samantha, the owner of the Etsy shop Once Again, Sam. I fell in love with her work because of its perfect blend of traditional and non traditional materials. 

I chose to review a silver ring etched with my favorite symbol, glasses, the universal symbol for librarians and information seekers. 

I had been anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail and was taken back-in an old fashioned way. It arrived in a small, white box. I loved seeing the velvet-lined inside with the ring staring back at me. 

Samantha took the time to design what I wanted and if it wouldn't fit on the ring, she was willing to customize something else for me to ensure I got exactly what I pictured in my mind. 

She took the time to detail it, personalize it and put into it the as much love into making it as I feel when I wear it. 

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